Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lawak sekejap

Samy Vellu was visiting India when he fell and broke his jaw. He was unable to speak.
Being the great leader, he continued his grand tour. On the last week of his visit,
the RTM crew was present for his press conference. Although unable to speak,
Samy insisted on sending a message home to his Cabinet colleagues.

Samy caught a chicken and showed it to the camera. Next he took a goat and
showed it to the camera. Finally he took a bag and displayed it in front of the camera.
Dr. Ling was the first to see the video clip. He said, "Samy is telling us that India has
insufficient food because he showed us a chicken and a goat and he wants Malaysia
to donate bags of rice.

Dr Mahathir watched silently then said, "No lah....what Samy is trying to say is that

The whole cabinet was puzzled and look to the old man for an explanation.

Dr Mahathir reasoned, "AYAM KAMBING BAG." "I am coming back"


aniza said...

aku suka lawak samy vellu nih :D

araamy said...

mmg salu kene je samy ni... ade je org buat lawak pasal die.. hohoo